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Year: 2013

  • Olukunle, Iyanda, Otusile Oluwabukola and Awodele Oludele. "Overview of Secure Electronic Transaction (SET)". IJAIM 2.3 (2013): 78-81. [More]
  • Soni, Dinesh Kumar and Prof. Sandip Nemade. "Comparison Analysis Between MB-OFDM and MB-Pulse OFDM for UWB Communication System". IJAIM 2.3 (2013): 82-85. [More]
  • Arman, Ibrahim M. "Effectiveness of Information Communication Technology Approach on Mathematics Achievement for 8th Grades Students". IJAIM 2.3 (2013): 86-90. [More]

Year: 2014

  • Kumari, Sanju, Mahesh Malviya and Srikant Lade. "Image Fusion Techniques Based on Pyramid Decomposition". IJAIM 2.4 (2014): 127-130. [More]
  • Harb, Islam Hany et al. "Ontology Based Distributed E-Learning Environment". IJAIM 2.4 (2014): 99-103. [More]
  • Whab, A. Abdel et al. "Neuro-Fuzzy Based Classification of Web Courses Contents". IJAIM 2.4 (2014): 91-98. [More]
  • Patel, Vaishali and Amit Patel. "Recent Advanced In AI Based Intelligent Fault Techniques for Rolling Element Bearing – A Review". IJAIM 3.4 (2014): 104-108. [More]
  • Mahanta, Prabal and Ganapathy Subramanian. "Traffic: A Theoretical Perspective to Survey and Simulation Concept". IJAIM 2.4 (2014): 109-112. [More]
  • Alkharobi, Talal and Ismat Khaled Marrouf. "Criticizing Reputation Systems Solution for Secure Routing in MANET and WSN". IJAIM 2.4 (2014): 113-126. [More]
  • Mohammadi, Shahriar and Hakimeh Ameri. "Compare Authentication Algorithms for Mobile Systems in Order to Introduce the Successful Characteristics of these Algorithms against Attacks". IJAIM 2.4 (2014): 131-140. [More]
  • Dey, Devashish and Prof (Dr) Bharti Dwivedi. "Some Issues of Wind Energy System: A Review". IJAIM 2.5 (2014): 127-131. [More]
  • Tiwari, Seema, Tarun Metta and Sandip Nemade. "Dynamic CMOS Based Digital Logic Circuits Evaluation Resurgence onto Performance Parameters". IJAIM 2.5 (2014): 132-136. [More]
  • Eleke, Ihuoma, Mercy Nwoke and Samuel Okide. "Governance in Nigeria: The Role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)". IJAIM 2.5 (2014): 137-141. [More]
  • Kunthe, Padma, Sameena Zafar and Ankita Sharma. "32-Order IIR Filter Design using Vedic Mathematics". IJAIM 2.5 (2014): 142-145. [More]
  • Sivaapriyan, S. et al. "MPPT based ZVS Interleaved Boost Converter for Grid Connected System". IJAIM 2.5 (2014): 146-151. [More]
  • Honardoost, Hamidreza et al. "Gearbox Fault Detection using Wavelet Transform and ANFIS". IJAIM 2.5 (2014): 152-155. [More]
  • Chaudhari, Vijay K and Dinesh Varshney. "Fade in, Fade out and Flange Analysis Based on New Approach for Voice Spectrum Analysis (VSA) using Matlab". IJAIM 2.5 (2014): 156-163. [More]
  • Tatar, Nasser-eddine. "Neural Networks with Delayed Hölder Continuous Activation Functions". IJAIM 2.6 (2014): 156-160. [More]
  • Gudu, J. and D. Gichoya. "A Proposed Diagnostic Expert System for High Blood Pressure during Pregnancy using SWI-Prolog". IJAIM 2.6 (2014): 161-163. [More]
  • Rowshanrad, Shiva, Manijeh Keshtgary and Reza Javidan. "MBC: A Multi-hop Balanced Clustering Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks". IJAIM 2.6 (2014): 264-270. [More]
  • Choubey, Mr. Siddhartha and Nishita Kashyap. "A Survey on Various License Plate Detection Techniques from Vehicle Image". IJAIM 2.6 (2014): 171-174. [More]
  • Kumar, Manoj and Dr. Gundeep Tanwar. "Research Trend in the Direction of Fourth Generation Wireless Mobile Communications: Review". IJAIM 2.6 (2014): 175-177. [More]
  • Deshmukh, Ms. Yogita. "Defending IP Spoofing through Inter Domain Packet Filter on BGP Updates". IJAIM 2.6 (2014): 178-182. [More]
  • Pabiania, Maribelle D., Joanne T. Peralta and Leo Anthony T. De Luna. "Microcontroller Based Design of Digital IC Tester with Multi-Testing and Loop Testing Functions". IJAIM 2.6 (2014): 183-186. [More]
  • Ortiz, Kristine Joyce P., Juan Paolo C. Zafra and Angel G. Alvarez. "Microcontroller-Based Alarm Clock System with Sensor Pad Circuit". IJAIM 2.6 (2014): 187-189. [More]
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