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Year: 2015

  • Kuri, Sajib Kumar and Tanzila Rahman. "Segmentation of Brain Tumor in MRI Images Using Mathematical Morphology". IJAIM 3.4 (2015): 127-130. [More]
  • Ebrahimnezhad, Behzad and Ahmad Hajipur. "Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea Disease with ECG, SPO2 Through Using of Fuzzy Neural Network". IJAIM 3.4 (2015): 131-136. [More]
  • Shirazi, Amin Zadeh and Seyyed Javad Seyyed Mahdavi. "A Hybrid Intelligent Model Combining SOM & CV-MLP to Predict Blast-Induced Ground Vibration". IJAIM 3.4 (2015): 137-145. [More]
  • Mahmoudi, Meysam and Alireza Hossein Nezhad. "Numerical Study Effect of Aspect Ratio on Flow and Conjugate Natural Convection in 2D Enclosure Filled with Nanofluid, Containing a Rectangular Heat Source". IJAIM 3.4 (2015): 183-188. [More]
  • Gohari, Ehsan Mehrabi. "Multi Criteria GIS-Based Solar Power Plants Site Selection: Bushehr Province in Focus". IJAIM 3.4 (2015): 146-152. [More]
  • Rafiee, Mahsa and Mojtaba Barkhordari Yazdi. "Hybrid Observer Design for Systems with Hard Nonlinearity". IJAIM 3.4 (2015): 200-204. [More]
  • Mehrabi, Hamed et al. "Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Buckling and Post-Buckling Behavior of Steel Plates with Circular Cutouts". IJAIM 3.4 (2015): 170-176. [More]
  • Asadi, Amir Hossein Kimiai and Mohammad Habibi. "Voltage and Reactive Power Control in Distribution Networks in Presence of (Distributed Generation) DG Sources". IJAIM 3.4 (2015): 159-164. [More]
  • Khaleghi, Mojtaba, Mehran Yazdi and Mohammad Zolfaghari. "Improvement of Color Images Registration Using CIE Lu’v’Color Space Saturation". IJAIM 3.4 (2015): 165-169. [More]
  • Asadi, Nastaran and Rahebeh Niaraki Asli. "Moving Object Tracking Optimization for High Speed Implementation on FPGA". IJAIM 3.4 (2015): 177-182. [More]
  • Koochaki, Amangaldi, Maryam Naghavi and Hadieh Sadat Hosseini. "New Method for Fault Locating In Active Distribution System". IJAIM 3.4 (2015): 153-158. [More]
  • Daneshyar, Mir Reza and Seyed Ali SedighZiabari. "Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Changing Gate Oxide Material on Flicker Noise Characteristic in Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor". IJAIM 3.4 (2015): 189-192. [More]
  • Shahrabadi, Mehdi and Reza Madolit. "Analysis of the Crack Growth Direction in Reinforced Composite Sheets Using Extended Finite Element Method". IJAIM 3.4 (2015): 193-199. [More]
  • Shahbazi, Mehran, Shahriar Mansourzadeh and Ahmad Reza Pishevar. "Hydrodynamic Analysis of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) Flow Through Boundary Element Method and Computing Added-Mass Coefficients". IJAIM 3.4 (2015): 212-217. [More]
  • MohammadrezaHariri and SeyedAli Sedigh Ziabari. "Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Changing the Channel Diameter on Characteristic of Flicker Noise in Silicon Nanowire Field Effect Transistor". IJAIM 3.4 (2015): 218-222. [More]
  • Motamed, Sara et al. "Using Hidden Markov Model Learning to Redress the Attention Deficit in Autistic Children". IJAIM 3.4 (2015): 223-226. [More]
  • Tavana, Mahdi et al. "Numerical Analysis of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Microchannels with Various Internal Fins". IJAIM 3.4 (2015): 227-230. [More]
  • Langarizade, Mostafa, Navid Moshtaghi Yazdani and Arezoo Yazdani Seqerloo. "A Comparative Study of the Efficiency of the Methods Based on Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Estimate the Joint Angles of the Arm Using Surface Electromyogram Signal Processing". IJAIM 3.4 (2015): 231-238. [More]
  • Ghasemi, Mozhgan Mohammad and Mehdi Khalili. "A Joint KNN-RBF Based Algorithm to Diagnose the Bipolar Disorder". IJAIM 3.5 (2015): 239-242. [More]
  • Kumar, S. Selva, V. Kamatchi Kannan and V. Suresh. "Performance Analysis of Soft Switched Seven Level Inverter for Photovoltaic System". IJAIM 3.5 (2015): 243-246. [More]
  • Ghanbari, Sedigheh, Saeid Pashazadeh and Hossein Bevrani. "Credit Risk Prediction using Clustered Classification". IJAIM 3.5 (2015): 247-253. [More]
  • Ayuba, Peter and Tella Yohanna. "Fuzzy Logic System for Indoor Real-Time Symbolic Location Tracking Using Wi-Fi Access Point Receive Signal Strength Indication Values". IJAIM 3.5 (2015): 254-262. [More]
  • Muktawat, Sucheta Singh. "CMOS Circuit Layout Design for Sub Threshold Leakage Power Optimization". IJAIM 3.5 (2015): 263-266. [More]
  • Yang, Hsu-Hao and Chia-Jung Kao. "Comparing Approaches to Handling Data Envelopment Analysis with Missing Values using the Case of Machinery Industry in Taiwan". IJAIM 3.6 (2015): 267-274. [More]
  • Nourani, Vahid, Farhad Alizadeh and Kiyoumars Roshangar. "Capability of Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System to Model Suspended Sediment Transport (A Case Study: Ajichay River)". IJAIM 3.6 (2015): 275-280. [More]
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