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Year: 2013

  • Chitrakala, Mrs. P. and Mr. V. Senthilkumar. "Wireless Structural Health Monitoring by Using Ultrasonic". IJAIM 1.5 (2013): 118-120. [More]
  • Sujatha, B., Dr. S. Viswanadha Raju and Humera Shaziya. "An Efficient Implementation of Natural Language Interface to Databases". IJAIM 1.6 (2013): 131-136. [More]
  • Pullteap, S. "Development of a Hexapod Robot Controlling by Fuzzy Logic Controller". IJAIM 1.6 (2013): 141-146. [More]
  • Kumar, M. C., Dr. P. Vijaya Kumar and Dr. B. Narayan. "Effect of Deep Cryogenic Treatment and Double Tempering on Machinability and Tool Life of HSS Tool". IJAIM 1.6 (2013): 147-150. [More]
  • Kulkarni, Ajinkya et al. "Indian Premier League (IPL) Simulation". IJAIM 1.6 (2013): 137-140. [More]
  • Atmani, H., B. Harras and R. Benamar. "Numerically Simulation and Adaptation of a New Approach to the Geometrically Non-Linear Dynamic Behaviour of Fully Clamped Glare 3 Hybrid Composite". IJAIM 1.6 (2013): 156-162. [More]
  • Atmani, H. and R. Benamar. "The Simulation Modeling for the Non-Linear Free Vibration Taking into Account The Harmonic Distortion of Clamped-Clamped Beams". IJAIM 1.6 (2013): 151-155. [More]
  • Regina, B. and Dr. R. Nedunchelian. "Human Action Recognition in Dynamic Background Using Dynamic Prototype Tree". IJAIM 1.6 (2013): 163-166. [More]
  • Sumana, K. S. et al. "Effect of Microwave Irradiation and Annealing Temperature on the Optical and Electrical Properties of Sol-Gel Synthesized NiTiO3 Thin Films". IJAIM 1.6 (2013): 167-172. [More]
  • Singh, Dr. Yaduvir, Mr. Pavan Sharma and Dr. Hariom Sharma. "Role of Web Crawler in Search Engine". IJAIM 2.1 (2013): 1-2. [More]
  • BROU, Konan M. et al. "GExpert+: An Expert Systems Generator Using of Icons". IJAIM 2.1 (2013): 3-8. [More]
  • Sadik, S. Jafer and R. Mallikarjuna Reddy. "REDTACTON Based Smart Security Card System for ATM Machines". IJAIM 2.1 (2013): 9-12. [More]
  • Kadirgama, K., M. M. Rahman and Z. Ghazali. "Optimization of Heat Affected Zone for Air Plasma Cutting Process: A Support Vector Machine Approach". IJAIM 2.1 (2013): 13-18. [More]
  • Jha, Vikas Chandra and Roshni Dubey. "Similarity Measure Based on Multi-view Point Criteria". IJAIM 2.2 (2013): 19-22. [More]
  • S., Mr. Preetham and Dr. P. A. Vijaya. "Microcontroller Based Tongue Drive System for Physically Challenged People". IJAIM 2.2 (2013): 23-30. [More]
  • Rajput, Hitesh, Tanmoy Som and Soumitra Kar. "An Approach for Feature Extraction of Alpha-Numeric by Using Snakes and Principal Component Analysis for Its Recognition". IJAIM 2.2 (2013): 31-36. [More]
  • Manivel, P. and R. Jaya. "CT Scan vs Ultrasound Scan". IJAIM 2.2 (2013): 37-40. [More]
  • R., Dileep M. and Ajit Danti. "Lines of Connectivity-Face Model for Recognition of the Human Facial Expressions". IJAIM 2.2 (2013): 41-46. [More]
  • Biswas, Tanmoy, Debasish Roy and Saptarshi Naskar. "Cell Phone Operated Land Rover a Novel Approach". IJAIM 2.3 (2013): 47-50. [More]
  • Kumar, Sanjay, Dr. Vasdev Malhotra and Dr. Vikas Kumar. "Cellular Manufacturing System: An Overview". IJAIM 2.3 (2013): 51-55. [More]
  • Bazmi, Parisa, Manijeh Keshtgary and Reza Javidan. "EEK: An Energy Efficient K-Means-Like Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks". IJAIM 2.3 (2013): 56-61. [More]
  • Danti, Ajit and Sahana H. R. "Efficient Two Level Decision Regions for the Recognition of Kannada Numerals Invariantof Font Style and Size". IJAIM 2.3 (2013): 62-65. [More]
  • Riahi, Aminreza and Saeed Balochian. "2 Link Robot Controller Using A Fusion of Neural Network and PID Controller Design". IJAIM 2.3 (2013): 66-70. [More]
  • Koli, Manohar, Dr. Keshava Prasanna and Dr. Thungamani M. "Standard Deviation Based Tampered Image Identification". IJAIM 2.3 (2013): 71-73. [More]
  • Girma, Taye. "Designing and Synthesizing a Wallace Tree Multiplier for High Speed Performance". IJAIM 2.3 (2013): 74-77. [More]
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