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Year: 2015

  • Erkihune, Mr. Eshetu Nega and Dr. Addisu Hunegnaw. "Azimuth and Antenna Height Dependencies of Multipath on Global Positioning System (GPS)". IJAIM 3.6 (2015): 281-289. [More]
  • Wu, Chen et al. "Studies on Improved Variable Precision Limited Tolerance Relations with a Threshold Number". IJAIM 3.6 (2015): 290-295. [More]
  • Bipembi, Habib et al. "Calculation of Body Mass Index using Image Processing Techniques". IJAIM 4.1 (2015): 1-7. [More]
  • Huerta, Tláloc Daniel Espinoza et al. "Bayesian Determination to Communication Patterns in Brain Structures for Brain-Computer Interfaces using K2 Learning Algorithm". IJAIM 4.1 (2015): 8-12. [More]
  • Sarhan, Hussein. "Modeling and Simulation of Optimized, PIC-Controlled, Three-Phase, Squirrel-Cage Induction Motor Drive". IJAIM 4.1 (2015): 13-20. [More]
  • Chithra, Mrs B. et al. "Enhancing Security by using ECC Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks". IJAIM 4.1 (2015): 21-28. [More]
  • Li, Kai, Zhen Liu and Peng Tang. "On Linear Discriminant Analysis and its Variants in Face Recognition". IJAIM 4.1 (2015): 29-34. [More]
  • Rathour, Rakesh Singh and Deena L. Yadav. "Newton Raphson TCSC Model for Power System Stability Improvement". IJAIM 4.2 (2015): 35-40. [More]
  • Kawale, Seema B. and Mrs. Naveeta Kant. "Design of Optimal MLPNN and RBFNN for Handwritten Digit Recognition Application". IJAIM 4.2 (2015): 41-44. [More]
  • Farhan, Samaa, Mohammad Alshraideh and Tareq Mahafza. "A Medical Decision Support System for ENT Disease Diagnosis using Artificial Neural Networks". IJAIM 4.2 (2015): 45-54. [More]
  • Gujamagadi, Rajeshwari and Yogesh Khandagre. "Reducing the Chip Area and Power Dissipation of 4-Bit High-Speed Multioutput Carry Look-Ahead Adder using Transmission Gates in Domino CMOS Logic". IJAIM 4.2 (2015): 55-58. [More]
  • Gamundani, Attlee M. and Samuel O. Jegede. "A Mathematics Cloud Based Learning Model (MCBLM) Towards Addressing Mathematics Learning Challenges: A Case of Namibia Grade 12". IJAIM 4.2 (2015): 59-64. [More]
  • Roushangar, Kiyoumars and Farzin Homayounfar. "Prediction of Flow Friction Coefficient using GEP and ANN Methods". IJAIM 4.2 (2015): 65-68. [More]
  • Jha, Srinidhi and Ajai Singh. "Rainfall Runoff Modeling by Artificial Neural Network - A Case Study of Chotki Bharghi Watershed in Damodar Barakar Basin, Jharkhand". IJAIM 4.2 (2015): 69-73. [More]
  • Sharma, Rakhi and Soheb Munir. "Time Efficient Implementations of Matrix Multiplication for Signal Processing". IJAIM 4.2 (2015): 74-76. [More]
  • Y., Vishwanath and Dr. M. V. Vijayakumar. "A Perceptual Cognitive Model using BDI Model and Bayes Theorem". IJAIM 4.2 (2015): 77-81. [More]
  • Sadhwani, Sapna and Dr. Rita Jain. "Low-Power Clocked Redundant Flip-Flop using Transmission Gate". IJAIM 4.2 (2015): 82-85. [More]
  • Behre, Rupa and Rahul Mishra. "Enhancement of Noise Tolerance in Dynamic CMOS Circuit with Keeper Transistor". IJAIM 4.3 (2015): 86-88. [More]
  • Mishra, Uttam Kumar and Tarun Verma. "Implementation of Bit Error Rate Measurement and PRBS Generation using LFSR". IJAIM 4.3 (2015): 89-91. [More]
  • Alam, Md Irshad, Jeewan Kumar and Dr. Rita Jain. "CMOS Synthesis of Multivalue Logic Base Quaternary 16X1 Multiplexer". IJAIM 4.3 (2015): 92-94. [More]
  • Zaidi, Anas and Imtiaz Ali Khan. "Analysis of CNC Lathe Environment with Multi-Performance Characteristics". IJAIM 4.3 (2015): 95-99. [More]
  • Bhondge, N. M., M. V. Sarode and A. D. Chaudhari. "Mathematical Modeling of Mechanical and Electrical System using Differential Equations". IJAIM 4.3 (2015): 100-102. [More]
  • AVRAM, Florin Timotei and Macedon GANEA. "Programming Problems Parameterized Sub-Cycle Robots to Supply Parts and Tools Function within a Flexible Manufacturing Cell". IJAIM 4.3 (2015): 103-106. [More]
  • Tamanna and Kanwalpreet Kaur. "Review Paper on Classification of Network Layer Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network". IJAIM 4.3 (2015): 107-113. [More]
  • Patel, Vinay and Vinod Pathak. "Computational Time, Latency, Throughput Improvement of Digit-Serial/Parallel Finite Field Multiplier". IJAIM 4.3 (2015): 114-116. [More]
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