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Year: 2015

  • Phate, Gyanendra Kumar and Sandeep Shrivastava. "Noise Suppression in Dynamic CMOS Base Zipper Logic". IJAIM 4.3 (2015): 117-120. [More]
  • Hande, Miss. Manjushri B. and Mr. Ashish Raghuwanshi. "Design of a Multivalue Logic Ternary and Quaternary Addition". IJAIM 4.3 (2015): 121-123. [More]
  • Khaleel, Mohammed, H. M. El-Bakry and Ahmed A. Saleh. "A Comparative Study Between Proposed File Retreival System and Related Systems". IJAIM 4.3 (2015): 124-129. [More]

Year: 2016

  • Shoaib, Abeer M., Ahmed A. Bhran and Mohamed I. Seddik. "Hydrogen Network Optimization for MIDOR and MUSTROD Egyptian Refineries". IJAIM 4.4 (2016): 130-136. [More]
  • Kavitha, J. and Dr. S. Palaniammal. "Energy Aware and Efficient Cluster Based Multipath Diversity Routing in MANET using EECMDR Protocol". IJAIM 4.4 (2016): 137-144. [More]
  • Chandel, Sarika, Vijay Prakash Singh and Jaikaran Singh. "Transmission Gate base Addition Operation using Multi value Logic with Reduce Interconnects". IJAIM 4.4 (2016): 145-148. [More]
  • Tiwari, Sandeep Kumar and Prof. Vinod Pathak. "Synchronization Failure and Trade-offs for Sequential Circuits in 50 nm CMOS Technology". IJAIM 4.1 (2016): 149-152. [More]
  • Emad, Hamsa, Hazem M. El-Bakry and Aziza Asem. "A Modified Technology Acceptance Model for Health Informatics". IJAIM 4.4 (2016): 153-161. [More]
  • Refaat, Mohamed M., Mohamed H. Hassanean and Moustafa E. Awad. "Sour Corrosion Failures in Hydrocracker Reactor Effluent Air Cooler System". IJAIM 4.4 (2016): 162-168. [More]
  • Verma, Om Shiv and Rameshwar Singh. "Comparative Study and Analysis of H-Bridge High Level Inverter for Power Quality Improvement". IJAIM 4.4 (2016): 169-172. [More]
  • Nema, Riju and Ruby Tiwari. "Adiabatic Energy Recovery Circuit in Deep Sub Micron Technology". IJAIM 4.5 (2016): 173-176. [More]
  • Abdulamir, Riyadh, Reham Mostafa and Hazem M. El-Bakry. "A Proposed Model for Authentication using Identity Detection". IJAIM 4.5 (2016): 177-180. [More]
  • Hussein, Sulayman A., Hazem M. El-Bakry and Nadia I. Nife. "Modern Technologies for Designing and Developing Web-Based Electronic Training Centers". IJAIM 4.5 (2016): 181-187. [More]
  • Adapa, Dr. Srinivas et al. "Feng Shui Series Expert System". IJAIM 4.6 (2016): 188-190. [More]
  • B, Vinay K and Prof. Pavan Kumar E. "A Novel Design and Implementation of 22nm FINFET- Based 5T & 6T SRAM Cell". IJAIM 4.6 (2016): 191-197. [More]
  • Hamad, Muyassar D. et al. "Software Product Requirements Prioritization Techniques : Hardly Easy". IJAIM 4.6 (2016): 198-209. [More]
  • Chang, Jiang and Fang Wei. "Prototyping of Omnidirectional Antenna Array on MEMS". IJAIM 5.1 (2016): 1-4. [More]
  • Kareem, Munaf Hamza, Hazem M. El-Bakry and Mervat Abu-Elkheir. "Enhancing Hybrid Asymmetric-Multicast Hash-Routing for Information Centric Networks". IJAIM 5.2 (2016): 5-11. [More]
  • Malallah, Fahad Layth et al. "Object Real Length Measurement inside Image as Computer Metrology". IJAIM 5.3 (2016): 12-16. [More]

Year: 2017

  • Modgil, Puneet and M. Syamala Devi. "Knowledge Capturing Agents for Scrutiny of Admission Forms". IJAIM 5.4 (2017): 17-21. [More]
  • Hadj-Mabrouk, Dr. Habib. "Contribution of Automatic Learning and Ontology to the Prevention of Railway Accidents". IJAIM 5.4 (2017): 22-30. [More]
  • Hammouche, Abdullah M. and Hazem M. El-Bakry. "A New FDCT-USFFT and FDCT-Wrap Algorithms for Image Contrast Enhancement". IJAIM 5.5 (2017): 31-37. [More]
  • Wang, Qin et al. "Pond Water Purification Model". IJAIM 5.6 (2017): 38-41. [More]
  • Ke, Siao-Syun and Ban-Jwn Shih. "Application of Intelligence Analysis Mode in Earthquake Impact Analysis – Case Study on the Quantitative Risk Analysis of Buried Water Pipeline on Earthquake Disaster". IJAIM 6.1 (2017): 42-45. [More]
  • Pan, Ting, Yuchen Zhang and Yongqing Wang. "Research on Pedestrian Traffic Safety Education Based on Somatosensory Technology". IJAIM 6.2 (2017): 46-50. [More]
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