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Year: 2017

  • Shaikhly, Mazin H. R. Al-, Hazem. M. El Bakry and Ahmed A. Saleh. "An Intelligent Approach for Improving Stability and Security of Cloud Computing". IJAIM 6.3 (2017): 51-56. [More]
  • Shaikhly, Mazin H. R. Al-, Hazem. M. El Bakry and Ahmed A. Saleh. "An Intelligent Approach for Improving Stability and Security of Cloud Computing". IJAIM 6.3 (2017): 51-56. [More]

Year: 2018

  • Khan, Sanjha and Fatima Zareen. "Development of Low Cost Autonomous Robotic System". IJAIM 6.4 (2018): 57-60. [More]
  • Alam, Md. Dilshad et al. "Effect of Higher Age on the Ergonomic Evaluation of Arc Welding Workstation". IJAIM 6.5 (2018): 61-70. [More]
  • Zhang, Shiliang. "The Study of Areas Prone to Geological Hazards in Ningde Based on ANN and AHP". IJAIM 6.6 (2018): 71-76. [More]
  • "Research on shared Bicycle Trip Prediction Based on ARIMA Model". IJAIM 7.1 (2018): 1-4. [More]
  • Manivel, Prof. P. and Dr. R. Manimegalai. "Indication on Web Mining and Different Performance used for Web Personalization". IJAIM 7.2 (2018): 5-7. [More]
  • Tabata, Akihisa. "Study for Improvement of Vibration Characteristics of Portal Cranes". IJAIM 7.3 (2018): 8-10. [More]
  • Naschie, Mohamed S. El. "Symmetria Massima of the Fractal M-Theory Via the Golden Mean Number System – A New Language for A Deep Dialogue between Man and Nature". IJAIM 7.3 (2018): 11-14. [More]

Year: 2019

  • Naschie, Mohamed S. El. "Simulating the Quantum Universe Via the Golden mean Number Expert-Like System". IJAIM 7.4 (2019): 15-18. [More]
  • Bryndin, Evgeniy G. "Modeling of Transformation of Nanostructures by Cognitive Systems on the Basis of Big Smart Data". IJAIM 7.4 (2019): 19-22. [More]
  • Naschie, M. S. El. "A Fundamentally Fractal Universe from Einstein, Kaluza-Klein, Witten and Vafas Space-Time". IJAIM 8.2 (2019): 1-11. [More]
  • Yoshida, Hiroaki and Keisuke Kusano. "Design and Evaluation of Force Display System That Considers Mechanical Component Deflection". IJAIM 8.2 (2019): 12-25. [More]
  • Sebti, Wadhah S., Samir M Abd El-razek and Hazem M. El-Bakry. "The Role of Information Systems to Support Decision Makers in Disaster Management: A Case Study of Health Facilities in Mukalla District, Yemen". IJAIM 8.3 (2019): 26-39. [More]
  • Xiqiang, Xiong et al. "Structure Weld Seam Based on Ultrasonic Phased Array Damage of Steel Detection Method". IJAIM 8.3 (2019): 40-46. [More]
  • Hao, Donghui et al. "Acoustic Emission Impact Location Based on Hyperbolic Track Intersection Method". IJAIM 8.3 (2019): 47-52. [More]

Year: 2020

  • "Cellular Automata Based on the Golden Mean Number System as a Foundation for Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Life*". IJAIM 8.6 (2020): 53-58. [More]
  • Hephzibah, Oladebeye Dayo, Adejuyigbe Samuel Babatope and Ayodeji Sesan Peter. "Fabrication Processes of Welding Mini-Robot". IJAIM 8.6 (2020): 59-79. [More]
  • So’uob, Dr. Hana’ Abdel Rahman Al. "The Use of Artificial Intelligence Applications in Addressing the Public and Shaping Public Opinion: from the Viewpoint of Professors and Instructors in the Faculties and Departments of Journalism and Media in Jordanian Universities". IJAIM 9.1 (2020): 1-19. [More]
  • Oladebeye, D.H., S.B. Adejuyigbe and B. Kareem. "Performance Evaluation of a Developed Mini Welding Robot". IJAIM 9.1 (2020): 20-50. [More]
  • El-Wahab, Gehan A., Hazem M. El-Bakry and Haitham A. El-Ghareeb. "Enhancing Mobile Applications Performance using Serverless Computing". IJAIM 9.2 (2020): 51-63. [More]
  • Naschie, Mohamed S. El. "On the Complementarity of Spectral and the Renormalization Dimension of Quantum Spacetime". IJAIM 9.3 (2020): 64-66. [More]

Year: 2021

  • Hongmin, Wang. "Construction of Optical Teaching Materials Based on Internet Plus". IJAIM 9.5 (2021): 67-72. [More]
  • Eleke, Ihuoma and Professor Boniface Ekechukwu. "An Automated Birth and Death Registration System using Distributed Database System in Delta State, Nigeria". IJAIM 9.6 (2021): 73-80. [More]
  • Lin, Qian et al. "Intelligent Remote Hosting System for Plants". IJAIM 9.6 (2021): 81-91. [More]
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