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Year: 2021

  • Lin, Qian et al. "Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Pro-Environment Waste Bin". IJAIM 9.6 (2021): 92-101. [More]
  • Gadag, Ashwini and Dr. N. K. Cauvery. "Word Embedding Based Paraphrase Generator for Kannada Language". IJAIM 9.6 (2021): 102-109. [More]
  • Long, YUE. "Analysis of Low Pressure Turbine Flow at Low Reynolds Number". IJAIM 9.6 (2021): 110-117. [More]
  • Li, Aiqiang et al. "Research on the Influence of Pattern Block Stiffness on Tire Grasping Performance". IJAIM 10.1 (2021): 1-8. [More]
  • Atim, M. R., J. N. Wanzala and S. K. Anguma. "Relationship between the Traffic Parameters and Road Traffic Accidents using Fuzzy Logic Designer in Matlab: A Case Study of Uganda’s Road Traffic Accidents". IJAIM 10.1 (2021): 9-22. [More]
  • Eisa, Alaa et al. "Deep Learning Model-Based on Feature Selection Algorithm". IJAIM 10.3 (2021): 23-32. [More]

Year: 2022

  • Lu, Shicheng et al. "Research on Tire Grounding Behavior Based on ABAQUS". IJAIM 10.4 (2022): 33-43. [More]
  • Bryndin, Evgeny. "Modeling of Creative and Professional Activities by Ensembles of Intellectual Agents Based on Live Information". IJAIM 10.4 (2022): 44-50. [More]
  • Kareem, Saif S., Reham R. Mostafa and Hazem M. El-Bakry. "A Survey on IoT Intrusion Detection". IJAIM 10.5 (2022): 51-63. [More]
  • Yoshida, Hiroaki. "Force Control of Bilateral Leader-Follower Arm Using Model-Following Control". IJAIM 10.6 (2022): 64-74. [More]
  • Chen, Gao et al. "Optimization of Tire Hydroplaning Performance Based on Response Surface Method". IJAIM 11.1 (2022): 1-13. [More]
  • Shang, Hui et al. "Research on Mutual Measurement Method and Strategy of Bidirectional Power DC Charging Piles". IJAIM 11.2 (2022): 14-24. [More]
  • Lotfy, M. M. et al. "Classification and Analysis of COVID-19 Clinical Big Data using Machine Learning Models". IJAIM 11.2 (2022): 25-33. [More]
  • Shakir, Inbithaq A., Hazem M. El-Bakry and Ahmed A. Al-fetouh Saleh. "Employing Intelligent Algorithms and Deep Learning for Network Intrusion Detection". IJAIM 11.3 (2022): 34-47. [More]
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