Volume 1,Issue 6, May. 2013




  • Sujatha, B., Dr. S. Viswanadha Raju and Humera Shaziya. "An Efficient Implementation of Natural Language Interface to Databases". IJAIM 1.6 (2013): 131-136. [More] 
  • Pullteap, S. "Development of a Hexapod Robot Controlling by Fuzzy Logic Controller". IJAIM 1.6 (2013): 141-146. [More] 
  • Kumar, M. C., Dr. P. Vijaya Kumar and Dr. B. Narayan. "Effect of Deep Cryogenic Treatment and Double Tempering on Machinability and Tool Life of HSS Tool". IJAIM 1.6 (2013): 147-150. [More] 
  • Kulkarni, Ajinkya et al. "Indian Premier League (IPL) Simulation". IJAIM 1.6 (2013): 137-140. [More] 
  • Atmani, H., B. Harras and R. Benamar. "Numerically Simulation and Adaptation of a New Approach to the Geometrically Non-Linear Dynamic Behaviour of Fully Clamped Glare 3 Hybrid Composite". IJAIM 1.6 (2013): 156-162. [More] 

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