Volume 4,Issue 3, Nov. 2015




  • Behre, Rupa and Rahul Mishra. "Enhancement of Noise Tolerance in Dynamic CMOS Circuit with Keeper Transistor". IJAIM 4.3 (2015): 86-88. [More] 
  • Mishra, Uttam Kumar and Tarun Verma. "Implementation of Bit Error Rate Measurement and PRBS Generation using LFSR". IJAIM 4.3 (2015): 89-91. [More] 
  • Alam, Md Irshad, Jeewan Kumar and Dr. Rita Jain. "CMOS Synthesis of Multivalue Logic Base Quaternary 16X1 Multiplexer". IJAIM 4.3 (2015): 92-94. [More] 
  • Zaidi, Anas and Imtiaz Ali Khan. "Analysis of CNC Lathe Environment with Multi-Performance Characteristics". IJAIM 4.3 (2015): 95-99. [More] 
  • Bhondge, N. M., M. V. Sarode and A. D. Chaudhari. "Mathematical Modeling of Mechanical and Electrical System using Differential Equations". IJAIM 4.3 (2015): 100-102. [More] 

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