Volume 3,Issue 2, Sept. 2014




  • O., Ipadeola S., Adejuyigbe S. B. and Adekunle A. A. "Design and Application of CAD Expert System for Gas Turbine Power Plant for Electricity Generation in Nigeria". IJAIM 3.2 (2014): 44-47. [More] 
  • Amalnik, Morteza Sadegh. "Intelligent Knowledge Based System Approach for Ultrasonic Machining in Computer Base Concurrent Engineering Environment". IJAIM 3.2 (2014): 48-55. [More] 
  • Amalnik, Morteza Sadegh. "Optimization of Design and Manufacturing Processes for Wire-Electrochemical Spark Machining by using an Expert system". IJAIM 3.2 (2014): 56-62. [More] 
  • Gujamagadi, Rajeshwari and Yogesh Khandagre. "Introducing New High-Speed Multioutput Carry Look-Ahead Adders using 8-bit Manchester Carry Chain (MCC) Adder in Multioutput Domino CMOS Logic". IJAIM 3.2 (2014): 63-65. [More] 
  • Baghel, Sagar Singh and A. K. Yadav. "Performance Analysis of Z - Source PWM Inverter with Linear and Non-Linear Load". IJAIM 3.2 (2014): 66-72. [More] 

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